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Fire Prevention

The Investigations Section conducts Department Investigations involving Fire Incidents, Pre-Employment Backgrounds, Professional Standards Violations and Fire Reports.

The City of Fresno Fire Department is currently required to conduct fire and life safety (maintenance) inspections of all existing commercial buildings used for public assembly, educational purposes, institutions, hazardous, storage, high rise, and multi-family residential buildings within the city and other jurisdictions served by Fire Department.

In many cases, the California Health and Safety Code, through legislation, requires annual fire and life safety inspections to be completed by the local fire official. Fire and life safety annual inspections also ensure other locations are in conformance with the California Code of Regulations Title 19, the California Fire Code, the Fresno Municipal Code, and other fire and life safety regulations and standards.

These inspections are foremost to ensure lives and properties are not put at undue risk from fire. These inspections provide taxpayers with a cost-effective way to ensure buildings are in compliance with adopted codes and standards, lowering community-wide risk. Annual fire and life safety inspections are substantially different in scope from inspections completed for newly constructed buildings.


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