Urban Planning Zones

The benchmark performance goals are per incident type and specific for planning zone. For 90% of all Fire incidents within the Urban planning zones, the District shall arrive “first due/distribution” in 7 min. with at least (3) personnel having sufficient resources to stop the escalation of the fire and keep the fire to a manageable area of involvement upon arrival limiting heat and smoke damage.

Initial response resources shall be capable of assuming command, containing the fire, rescuing at-risk victims, protecting exposures and performing salvage operations while providing for the safety of the responders and general public. A positive water supply shall be established and hose line deployed, attacking the fire within 5 min. of arrival or less.

Additionally, the “balance of alarm/concentration” or Effective Response Force (ERF) shall arrive in less than 12 min. with a minimum of 13 personnel for moderate risk occupancies or call type classified incidents. The ERF shall be capable of transferring and maintaining Command, providing an uninterrupted water supply, advancing attack and backup lines for fire control, complying with OSHA requirements of two-in-two-out and on-deck companies, completing forcible entry, search and rescue, ventilation, and utility control with ability to utilize aerial devices if necessary and support sprinkler systems if available. These actions shall be done in accordance with District Standard Operating Procedures with Safety/Sectoring, Command/Control, and Rehab of all companies as needed.


Announced Structural Response; Urban Planning Zones
Program Element Response Time
Announced Structural Fire First responding units

7:00 response time for 90% of alarms

Call processing time (1 minute)

Turnout time (1:00 minutes)

Travel time (5 minutes)

Remaining Units/Full ERF: 12 minutes

response time for 90% of alarms

Minimum Response: 13 personnel