Rural Planning Zones

The Rural planning zones consist of the large swaths of District areas outside of the Urban zones and are designated as;

  • NCR55 (Stations 55 area outside of Kerman City Limits)
  • NCR56 (Station 56 area/Kearny Park)
  • NCR57 (Station 57 area outside of Biola City Limits)
  • NCR58 (Station 58 area in the Fresno City/North Central Auto Aid area)

Within the Rural Planning Zones, the benchmark performance goal for the “first due/distribution” for all emergency incidents is to arrive in 12:00 min. 90% of the time, with at least (3) personnel having sufficient resources to stop the escalation of the fire and keep the fire to a manageable area of involvement upon arrival limiting heat and smoke damage. Additionally, the “balance of alarm/concentration” or Effective Response Force (ERF) shall arrive in less than 18 min. with a minimum of 13 personnel for moderate risk occupancies or call type classified incidents 90% of the time.


Announced Structural Response; Rural Planning Zones
Program Element Response Time
Announced Structural Fire First responding units

12:00 response time for 90% of alarms

Call processing time (1 minute)

Turnout time (1:00 minutes)

Travel time (10 minutes)

Remaining Units/Full ERF:

18 minutes response time for 90% of alarms

Minimum Response: 13 personnel

Initial alarm assignment capacity